Merritt Island, Florida

Heinzel Studios
Emily Heinzel, Artist
Emily Heinzel: Artist Statement & Bio

My drawings reflect my love of the textures, patterns and colors of tropical plants. Each piece is a study of the rhythm, movement and color. I use design and color forces, such as complementary contrast and line direction, to move the viewer's eye within each panel. Using colored pencils, I capture very fine details which reveal themselves as you approach. The resulting drawings show the strength, drama and permanence of my organic subject matter.

I work from my own photographs and alter the images on the computer to suit my concept for each piece. I then sketch onto wood panels and begin to layer pencil color over color until they are so completely covered, many think they are paintings. Each panel is finally sprayed with a protective final fixative. I work on wood because I believe it's the ideal texture for working with and blending colored pencils and leads. Each panel is made from high-grade plywood and has a back frame to allow the pieces to hang flat against the wall. My panels are typically 1.5" deep with a painted edge, wired and signed on the back.

I grew up in Merritt Island, Florida surrounded by the same lush tropical plants that I now draw. After getting my bachelor's degree in geology at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, I turned to fine arts. I studied drawing, painting and color theory at the Atlanta College of Art. I also studied graphic design and illustration at the Creative Circus in Atlanta. Using these diverse backgrounds, I ultimately made a twelve-year career from my hobby of cutting opal and hand-fabricating high-end jewelry. Through it all, I kept drawing. In 2010, I moved back to Florida with my family and decided to fully explore my colored pencil drawings. I hope to bring a dramatic and powerful spin on the area's beautiful beachside flora. 

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